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Winter Might Not Be Your Favourite Season But That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Hibernate…..


Staying Active During Winter.

If you’re like me, you don’t get excited about seeing -20 degrees in the forecast. Or even worse, -30. Welcome to another Canadian winter!

It’s easy to give into the “winter blahs” but winter is far too long to let all of our good habits go to waste. Like many of you, I struggle to stay active during the winter months and keep my energy levels up. But I feel much better (happier, more energetic, stronger, less stressed) when I’m active. It may not always happen naturally when the weather is less than inviting but it’s still possible to make it through the winter months and stay in great shape.

This winter, think about trying something new. If you’re a runner who dislikes running outside in these conditions, you may want to take your workout indoors. Try switching from the streets to the treadmill, adding a few extra layers, or taking a new class at the gym. It’s worth the effort!

Here are some tips and activities for staying active during the winter months:

  • Keep a routine – this is often half the battle;
  • Take the stairs;
  • Try a fun winter activity: skiing, snowshoeing, skating, snowboarding, and sledding are all great winter activities to try on a snowy day;
  • Bundle up – dress for the season. Being outdoors is much more enjoyable when you’re dressed properly! Windproof and sweat-wicking fabrics are key. Dress in layers and don’t forget your mittens.
  • Stay hydrated – it’s just as important in the winter as the summer, even though you might not feel thirsty.

Don’t hibernate this winter. Get out there and enjoy it!

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It’s Only Cold If You’re Standing Still?

While that never really feels true when it’s -30 degrees for the third day in a row and the snow continues to fall….. it is true that if you wait for perfect conditions. or perfect weather (pretty unimaginable during a Canadian winter), you’ll never get anything done!


Running. All. Winter. Long.

Of all winters to decide to continue running outside, I sure picked a good one! I think we’ve all had our fill of extreme temperatures and endless snow falls by now. Needless to say, it hasn’t been boring. You may think you’ve planned your run schedule for the week but all it takes is a wind chill alert or snowfall warning to keep things interesting!

There were days (yes, more than one) when I felt like I was wearing my body weight in layers…. or running with the wind always at my front and never at my back… or constantly repeating “wow. it’s cold, wow. it’s cold, why am I doing this?!” inside my head. But somehow, it’s turned out to be my favourite winter season to date.

After running all spring, summer, and fall, I reached my training goal of running a half marathon last fall. I always dread winter, like many of us do, and I just couldn’t imagine having to lose all of my progress and start from scratch again the following season. Not to mention that like many of us, I hate the “blah” feeling that comes with a long winter and being far too inactive. I may not be able to change the cold but that doesn’t mean I need to sit inside all winter dreading it. Sure, the routine has to change a bit, as does the clothing but if you’re like me and you love how you feel after a great workout, it’s worth it to stay active. Even during the coldest temperatures.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that every now and then, you need to adjust your expectations. It’s not realistic to pull off a long run when it’s -25 degrees and that’s okay. It’s actually sensible not to get frost bite. The day after an ice storm is probably not the day to try for speed and that’s just smart – some days, it’s enough to get out there and stay un-injured. Instead of the typical speed or distance goals that many runners get used to, you may want to consider running by effort when the conditions are extreme. This can be applied to other types of working out too and it’s the most helpful advice I’ve been able to apply yet. That – and lots and lots of layers! Whatever your sport or activity, get out there and make the most of it.

“When you think about quitting, think about why you started.” 

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