It’s Been FIVE Years!


It’s been FIVE years!
Since I started at Back to Health!!
So much has changed. And there’s more to come. But what won’t change is that you can always count on us for to provide you with the best care for your injuries, aches & pains, and to help you feel your best.

It’s a lot of work running a business – yep, my dad warned me. But what nobody told me was how much you get back.

So now is a great time to say THANK YOU.
Thank you to all the patients and families who have come to us. It’s always our pleasure to help ‘fix’ you and get you back to normal. Thank you to all the moms and babies, it’s just the best part of our day getting to treat you. To our teams, working with you and watching our athletes push themselves and succeed is such a gift.
Our older patients, younger, and everyone in between – it’s such a joy to see you go through life and succeed and to be a tiny part of that. Thank you for welcoming me into this practice and letting me be a part of this wonderful community.

And thank you to Dr Anderson for retiring. Just kidding. Thank you Dave for building a great practice and always setting the bar high. Can’t wait to see what the next five years brings!

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