It’s That Time Again…..


Our Favourite Time of the Year!!!!

It’s not just that Christmas is coming. Although, that would probably be reason enough to call this special season a favourite! Once again this year, the Clinic is participating in a Christmas Drive to support local families in need. We’ve done this for many years (much longer than I’ve been here!) yet it’s quickly become one of the traditions I look forward to most.

One of the local papers, the Era Banner, organizes this every year for businesses in the area and as a Clinic, we’re given two families. We’re told the ages of the family members and their wish lists – anything from hats and boots to mittens and household items or games and toys. We put each tag on the tree and our patients can pick which one they’d like to get and bring it back unwrapped by the deadline.

Every year, without fail, our patients manage to surprise me by their thoughtfulness and generosity. I probably should expect this by now (since we are lucky to be surrounded by such great people!) but each year I am blown away. It’s easy to get caught up in our own challenges and become stressed by the “little things” but it’s so nice to have it all put in perspective and be reminded how caring people really are. 

So to everyone who participates in this challenge – thank you.

Merry Christmas to you, from us! Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday season.


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