Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

I’ve seen a few headlines lately reporting that sitting is as bad for us as cigarette smoking. How is that possible? We obviously know by now that smoking is very bad for our health and can increase our risk for cancer and a number of other frightening diseases, but what’s so dangerous about sitting?

It turns out, the problem here isn’t sitting down and taking a rest for a few minutes, but it’s the increasingly SEDENTARY nature of our jobs and our lives in general. Not only are we sitting at our jobs more than ever, we’re doing less and less physical activity outside of work. And it’s not just that we’re getting lazier – we’re putting our health at risk. It’s not a coincidence that diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes are affecting us more than ever. And what’s worse, it’s affecting our teens and kids too.

Our bodies were meant to move! But as activity has decreased and technology has increased, we’ve seen a rise in headaches, back pain and other chronic conditions. Which isn’t surprising because prolonged sitting causes certain muscle groups to tighten and shorten, while others become weak. Once this pattern is in place, pain and/or dysfunction isn’t usually far off.

So what’s the solution? Quit your job and throw out your laptop. Kidding. Quite simply, we need to interrupt this pattern. This means that we need to take breaks every half hour or so: stand up, walk around, change your posture, fidget. Limit your TV and/or screen time when you’re not at work and do the same for your kids. Be more active. You’ll feel better and your body will thank you.

For some easy tips and interesting/scary stats, check out the full article at:

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3 thoughts on “Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

  1. Hi Dr. Jodey! We wrote a similar entry on our blog and linked back to yours. I found it interesting that you compare a sedentary lifestyle with smoking. 🙂

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